Ten Years of One Tree Hill

Exactly 10 years ago today, we met an amazing group of kids from Tree Hill, North Carolina. They were basketball players, cheerleaders, tutors, friends, brothers and rivals. They were all flawed, but in the most perfect way. In 187 episodes, they grew up. Became true brothers, the best of friends, husbands, wives, mothers and fathers. They became aunts and uncles and god parents. They loved one another and they hated one another, but even in their worst, they always had each others backs.

Brooke Davis, who taught us that zero was not a size, that anything is possible, and that sometimes, it takes just one person to change the world. Lucas Scott, whose words of wisdom helped us see the light in some of our darkest days. Nathan Scott, who would do anything for his one true love and family. Haley James Scott, who found her one true love in the most unexpected place, with a heart of gold, and a voice almost as beautiful as she was, inside and out. Peyton Sawyer Scott, who taught us that while most people leave, there are a few that stick around, and those are the ones you have to hang on to. Julian Baker, who we didn’t know for too long, but who told incredible stories. Quinn, Clay, Jamie, baby Lydia, Mouth, Skills. The Tree Hill Ravens Basketball team and Coach Whitey. Dan Scott, who wasn’t as bad as we thought. Keith Scott, who we missed desperately. Karen and Lily. Alex, Chris and Chase. A group of people who, after 187 episodes, we fell in love with. We wanted to be. We wanted to root for, and at times, we just wanted them to disappear. Who we cried with and for, because lets face it, Tree Hill was a magical place, but it was also a place of pain, and hurt, and sorrow, and death.

One Tree Hill wasn’t always perfect. Some seasons had horrible story lines and some characters were just the worst, but it is those faults that made me love the show that much more. I tuned in, always. I didn’t miss an episode, not even a second. I wanted to watch, even the scenes that made me cringe. That’s the true sign of a perfect show. And One Tree Hill was perfect to me, even with its faults.

In 187 episodes, One Tree Hill taught us a lot. We learned about love, life and death. We learned how to grieve, and how to move in. We learned about heartbreaks and heartaches. We learned how to love deeply, with all you have. We learned that sometimes, all you need is one person, even out of the six billion souls that there are in the world. We learned that there was only one Tree Hill. It was home to some of our favorite characters, and it has been our home, too, for 10 years.


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